Early morning mapping (Taken with Instagram)

Early morning mapping (Taken with Instagram)

mountains and everyday

2nd sister, marin

alpine lake far, marin

alpine lake close, marin


trail, marin

First hard road ride in a while, went big (alpine lake/seven sisters).  Managed to whack my right calf against the saddle and am in a good bit of pain now.  Beautiful day, not sure it hit the 80s but it was hot.  Everyone was out, the riding was amazing.  Epic begets epic: barely functioning when I got home (way low on fuel…I know better), food happening in this order:

choco recoverite- massive salad- cold modelo especial (salt rim and lime for recovery purposes) - left over red sauce pasta with tuna and cheddar

Barely kept awake after that!

Trimmed back the EDC for the time being, ditching the work keys, carabiner, bike keys, at least for around town with no bike on the weekends.

edc, home


So here is the new toy, the Jetboil Sol Ti.
Why I’m a new jetboil fanboy:out the door lighter than a Caldera cone alcohol stove with twice the fuel and half the boiling time.
What you get in the package is the burner unit, the cup with built-in fins, a cozy, a lid, a canister stabilizer (sits underneath to make the whole thing more stable), and pot support for using other pots with the system.  
At the end of the day, you get an integrated and stripped down system (pictured as pot, lid, and burner) for 8.05oz, and a universal canister stove at 4.81oz. 
For fun, some numbers, all in oz:
pot 3.8
burner 3.59
measuring cup/bottom protector 1.19
lid 0.66
pot support 1.22
cozy 0.51
Jetboil Complete (pot, burner, lid, cozy, plastic cup) 9.75
Jetboil Minimal (only pot, burner, lid)  8.05
Jetboil Universal (only pot support/burner) 4.81
Jetboil fuel 230g (25+L boils) 13.31
Jetboil fuel 100g (12L boils)  6.99
Out the door with a Caldera stock, with a full fuel bottle capable of 6L of boiled water and 1L pot: 15.94oz
Out the door with a stripped Jetboil Ti, with a 100g fuel cartridge capable of 12L of boiled water: 15.04oz
To compare apples to apples, here are fuel weights including weight of container to hold fuel:
caldera, 180ml bottle full, worth 6L boiled: .82oz fuel/container weight per liter (.7oz per liter actual fuel used)
jetboil, 100g cartridge, worth 12L boiled: .58oz fuel/container weight per liter (.4oz per liter actual fuel used).  This drops to .36 fuel/container weight when you start talking about using the 230g cartridge, and probably better since I rounded down to 25L.

- The boil times for me were all around 3 minutes.   
- Boil for 500ml with the snow peak on the pot stand was closer to 4.5 minutes.
- In my test the .2oz fuel consumption per .5L boiled is actually high when compared to the BPL testing (their tests showed .14 in warm/calm conditions, .16 in cold/calm, and .19 in warm/windy).  I think this can be attributed to testing with the snow peak pot (during which it ran for 4.5 minutes) and a couple test fire-ups without the pot attached.
- 3rd boil was first without cozy, and was fastest overall (2:49).  Wonder if that is due to fuel flow being more consistent as canister use increases, or some other factor I’m not smart enough to understand. Seems like others have said similar…that the cozy has at least no impact one way or another on the boil times.
I was fully prepared to be giving up some weight for convenience/speed of the system, but it looks like not!  Not going to retire the wonderful Caldera anytime soon, but I understand the appeal now.  
The most surprising discovery was weighing the canister and seeing the 7oz weight, thinking that was going to sink the whole system as far as being weight competitive, but then weighing the alcohol fuel and seeing that half that capacity was almost 5oz brought things back around. 


Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands


ula cdt, rocks, stairs, railing



golite shangri-la 3.  Heavy winds (30+mph) = 2:30am guyline additions.  Zero condensation, 100% beautiful views.



Rodeo Beach

Rodeo Beach